Friday, July 13, 2012

saturday mornings

when we have the opportunity to sleep in on saturdays, we can often look like this.  i'll let you guess which one of us is which.  ;-)


it's summer, and we're loving it!  the hot weather, the summer clothes, and the sunshine.  praise God for sunlight.

this summer, we've been much more low-key than in the past.  since we started dating, mike has been teaching me the art of relaxing at home, even while i've been teaching him the fun of zipping around on adventures.  by the time we're 80, i anticipate us both being the most chillaxed, adventurous old people out there!  ;-)

jackie claims we are hipsters now; i'm sure that real hipsters would deny us, but i've noticed that my pictures tend now to include objects rather than faces.  below are some recent pieces of our world:

we have a lovely little pool at our apartment building, which we need to make more use of!  as would come as no surprise, i slather on the sunblock and stalk the shade when we go down.  our friends who live in our building have 1 year-olds, and it is just the best to see them in their little sun-hats, enjoying (or fussing about!) the water.

one night, after dinner, mike declared that we needed to get out of the house and do something!  we drove to hains  point, which is a lovely 7 minute drive from us, and watched the sunset.  afterward, we drove to theodore roosevelt island to steal a rock to put our turtle's food onto.  unfortunately, since the sun had already set, we had to do this thievery in the dark - a strange man asked us if we'd lost something, to which we confessed we were just stealing some nature.  BUT!  we found a perfectly-sized rock, and now our turtle's little claws will get rubbed down each time he goes to eat!

our good friend tim recently started dating a wonderful lady, aimee.  we'd planned to have a picnic with them, but the weather was disobligingly 100+ degrees.  in the interest of comfort, i suggested bringing the picnic indoors!  the flowers are cut from the rose-garden our apartment provides its residents.  aren't they gorgeous??  mike vows that until we move, he won't need to buy me flowers again!  as long as he cuts them and brings them up to me, i won't mind.  :-)

lastly, here IS a face shot!  my job has been going through some transitions recently, which has been somewhat stressful.  last friday, after a particularly clarifying conversation with my boss and his boss, mike met me here in bethesda for drinks and wandering about.  it was so fun!  we ended up raiding barnes and noble (bought a jigsaw puzzle - the memories that puzzles bring back for me!!! muv used to let us keep our puzzles up in the living room for weeks on end, during the summer - a treat from needing to put everything away at the end of the day!), and walking around in the relative cool.  we've gotten bad about doing our weekly date-nights, so it was particularly intoxicating to be out together like this.

this weekend, we are going camping with andrew and suzanna.  this will be my first camping experience in about 12 years.  GAH!  i'm sure it will be goodtimes.  hopefully, i'll be on top of pics and have some to share later!  in the meantime, thank you for your interest in us!

Saturday, July 7, 2012