Monday, April 23, 2012

Household Tricks

saw the blog post below on pinterest - so great tricks in there!  my own pet peeve are stove-top burners that refuse to get clean.....looking forward to trying the ammonia trick.

Tips and Tricks

Friday, April 20, 2012


mike is a ferocious caps speaks highly of his love for me and his commitment to our marriage that he doesn't watch their every game, and track every game that their significant competitors play.  i myself am not nearly the fan that he is, but after two years of watching (or sleeping through) games with him, i've found genuine interest awakening in me.

which brings us the present.  the caps amazingly made it to the playoffs - scrappy is the best way to describe their arrival in the play-off roster.  we are playing the boston bruins, and it has been a VERY good run with them.

we are alternating wins.......won last night's game (in spite of having a star player, nicky backstrom, suspended!!!!), to tie for 2-2.....there are 7 games in total against them.  the goal is to win the next two games.

our minds and conversations are rather full of them, hence this post.


Monday, April 16, 2012


sometimes, you get those stand-still least i do!......when you zoom back to an old memory or expectation, and then back to the present.  i personally find expectations to be unkind masters, demanding more than reality can hold.  but, in some cases, they highlight sweetness.

last night, i watched the first three hours of A&E "Pride and Prejudice".  with my husband.  at his initiation.  and he LOVED it.  i was watching him more than the movie.....he has never heard the story before, so it was all new.  he sees things that i miss, appreciates personalities (cough, mr bingley, cough) that i had previously underrated.

p&p, the book i'd loved more than any other for years and years, that now i was enjoying it with my husband.  i'd "realized" years ago that if i wanted to share this story with my man, i would need to really make it up to him, and have low expectations for his enjoyment.  such sweetness to unlearn that realization.

Friday, April 13, 2012

friday the 13th

the last friday the 13th, mike and i watched the movie "friday the 13th" - about 20 minutes in, i was rooting for the guy with the murderous intent.  usually, i'm on the victims side
(screaming, "RUN!!!!  noooo, don't turn around - RUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!")
.....but i made an exception for this movie because none of the actresses seemed to be able to keep their clothes on.  death by jason, or future jail sentence for public exposure?

but, it is friday!  13th or not, i'll take it!  april is a busy month for us, despite my softly-held goal of slowing life down.  sigh.  but here are some the many highlights:

- we met little edith last weekend! she is so precious - it was dear to see her daddy's features on her own beautiful little face. congratulations again, seth and jan!
- we are loving arlington - officially licensed, registered, titled, and taxed here now! i had a test in patience at the DMV (twice), which i failed (twice). thankfully, they still issued my driver's license - my picture appropriately looks like a mug shot.
- my sister-in-law suzanna is now doing mary kay - she has always had a fabulous eye for what hair cuts and styles suit different people, so if you need any make-up advice, give her a shout!
- God willing, mike is going to be starting a year-long project at the navy yard, with a team that he's met and loves.  we're waiting for his interim clearance (or full clearance!) to go felt like he was writing a paper in school again, to have him feeling out so many pages of paperwork!
- we celebrated easter last weekend with both our families - picture below of mike and two of his brothers. a few minutes before, the three of them were cracking up....wish i'd grabbed that moment! but life goes fast, so it was at least a reminder to take pictures while it's in my mind.

- i go to lancaster this weekend with jackie and bethany - third annual trip together!  below is a picture from the first year....taken in front of the liberty bell in philadelphia.
such babies we were!

- next weekend, mike is taking me to williamsburg as a belated birthday trip. we have year passes, and are particularly interested in the new blacksmith exhibit.
- the following weekend, we visit our friends johannah and ruel - this visit is already long overdue!  they were married in december (documentation below)....we have been wanting to visit them since then!

- lastly! i will be taking mike away for HIS birthday the first weekend in may (so as not to compete with mother's day).....but the details of that trip are a surprise to him, so nothing more to be said until afterward.
- remember that cow that we bought an 1/8 of last fall?  we had ribs from it last week.....mike felt that we were cavemen after eating this, and that the "dinosaur" was our kill.  needless to say, the casseroles i've served since then have seemed flat!

i continue to be the richest person i've ever met.  humbled and glad to have the life i do, to be forgiven the things i've done, and to have the family and friends and husband i do.

happy friday the 13th!  avoid jasons today, and enjoy the weather this weekend!