Monday, April 16, 2012


sometimes, you get those stand-still least i do!......when you zoom back to an old memory or expectation, and then back to the present.  i personally find expectations to be unkind masters, demanding more than reality can hold.  but, in some cases, they highlight sweetness.

last night, i watched the first three hours of A&E "Pride and Prejudice".  with my husband.  at his initiation.  and he LOVED it.  i was watching him more than the movie.....he has never heard the story before, so it was all new.  he sees things that i miss, appreciates personalities (cough, mr bingley, cough) that i had previously underrated.

p&p, the book i'd loved more than any other for years and years, that now i was enjoying it with my husband.  i'd "realized" years ago that if i wanted to share this story with my man, i would need to really make it up to him, and have low expectations for his enjoyment.  such sweetness to unlearn that realization.

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