Friday, April 20, 2012


mike is a ferocious caps speaks highly of his love for me and his commitment to our marriage that he doesn't watch their every game, and track every game that their significant competitors play.  i myself am not nearly the fan that he is, but after two years of watching (or sleeping through) games with him, i've found genuine interest awakening in me.

which brings us the present.  the caps amazingly made it to the playoffs - scrappy is the best way to describe their arrival in the play-off roster.  we are playing the boston bruins, and it has been a VERY good run with them.

we are alternating wins.......won last night's game (in spite of having a star player, nicky backstrom, suspended!!!!), to tie for 2-2.....there are 7 games in total against them.  the goal is to win the next two games.

our minds and conversations are rather full of them, hence this post.


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