Friday, May 27, 2011

Not quite Mrs. Mike Decarlo yet!

It seems that one of the practices of becoming a married girl is to have a blog.  I'm still 8 days shy of being married to my wonderful Mike, but thought I would get a jump start on blogging!

With today being the Friday before the holiday weekend, my office is an odd mix of quiet and rushing.....a lot of people are out, and the people left are trying frantically to get things done before being out for three days.  I'll be back on Monday (moving my holiday to Thursday, so that I can use it better for wedding errands), so I don't feel quite the same rush.

Because pictures just make things more interesting, below is one I took while Mike and I were doing our errand marathon last Sunday.....I love him.  :-)

And here is one of my sweet muv, giving us her gorgeous handwriting to make our wedding envelopes look better!

Happy holiday weekend, everyone!!


  1. yeah! your first blog post. I cant wait to read more :)

    love you!

  2. Pure sweetness to receive the invitation my Love!! Thanks for setting this up and being so excited about our family!!