Friday, October 7, 2011

church retreat!

we're going on our second annual retreat with our church this weekend - soooo excited!  especially so because we know our community group better now than we did last february, and getting extended time with them just sounds soooo blissful.

sometimes, your church small group is hard to knit into.....sometimes it's good fellowship while you're there, but takes a bit of work......sometimes you build into it over time and experience sweet fellowship based on months/years of trust.  for us, this group has taken little effort to build with - a huge blessing given our commute from silver spring!  i've gone from dreading the weeknight drive out, to looking forward to getting to see these people....even knowing the tired thursday that will follow!  they are just that wonderful.

we love you guys!!!  so, so looking forward to spending a chunk of the weekend with you!!!

picture from our wedding reception, with laura's almost-perfect photoshop of david and casey!  ;-)

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