Friday, March 23, 2012


hello, you glorious and unrealistic weather!!!  thank you for being in the 80's today, and not bringing a snow storm (though, i'm sure with the way you've trained us in the past, we would just glump and say we'd expected no less)......i love your brightness!

read this verse a few weeks ago:

"...when I found him whom my soul loves. I held him, and would not let him go..."

~Song of Solomon 3:4

i wish i could say that i saw myself in those words - i aspire to hold onto mike and not let him go.  but for now, today, i love him for how he doesn't let ME go......he loves me through my distractedness, my busy plans, my temper, and my foolish mistakes.

today isn't any special anniversary, and mike hasn't done anything unusually extraordinary - and that is why i am grateful today.  i am grateful for how he loves me on the regular days, how he involves himself in my life, and asks me to be part of his world.  i am grateful for how he serves me, constantly and constantly.  i am grateful that he is a Christian, and that he wants to glorify God as my husband.

mike, i'm so grateful that you love me, and you hold onto me.  i don't deserve you, my own dearest.

(picture taken on the steps of the library of congress)

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