Monday, August 27, 2012

80's movies queue

august has been a rough month in the decarlo home.  mike has been sick for well over half of it, with me sick almost as much.  because most (read here, "all") of our friends would prefer not to get The Summer 2012 Plague, we've had to cancel oodles of plans.  a month of sniffles, cramping each other's space, and dragging ourselves to work to count down until it's time to go home (and go to bed ridiculously early).

it's ok, you can put away the world's saddest song on the world's smallest violin you're playing for us in sympathy.  because our world has taken a turn for the more cheerful!  see our happy little faces??

here's why: we've rediscovered 80's movies.

last night, we started "ladyhawke"......if you haven't watched it, you should!  via tweets exchanged with becca, "conspiracy theory" has been moved to the top of our list, closely followed by "willow."  a coworker urged me to add "don't tell mom the babysitter's dead" to our queue.  mike has said that we will NOT, however, be watching "the fly."

in a comment below, please add the 80's movies you believe we need to watch.  or avoid watching, if that's on your heart.  please remember, the more dramatic, the better.  laugher has healing qualities, people!


  1. fletch
    spies like us
    funny farm
    great outdoors
    uncle buck
    planes, trains, and automobiles
    the jerk
    the man with two brains