Tuesday, January 22, 2013

winter life

i realized yesterday afternoon, mike and i haven't had a "just us" evening since january 1st.  glorious, friends/family filled month that it's been!!  but there is something about having time with just my mike; no rush, no schedule, no to-do......the most restful time i spend.  he's my best friend, you see.

consider this post an overarching update on our winter.  the big items are our travels - we've been to williamsburg multiple times, did a speed trip to boston, had our annual beach trip with the blacks over thanksgiving, and went to colorado with andrew and suzanna.  we are capitalizing on our "pre kids" stage of life!

our home nights are comprised of reading, drinking tea (after judging tea-drinkers for most of my life, i've joined their ranks - please post all jokes re: eating-your-words in the comments section below), playing games (we have quite the collection now!), and experimenting with stove-top and air-popped popcorn.  mmmm....i want to head home, just thinking about it!

battleship - do you remember playing this as a kid???

lessons learned this winter....
- we both CAN change, even when it seems to the other spouse that we never will.
- praying during a disagreement "magically" brings a solution closer - no, really!!  try it.  God is amazing, and so very kind.
- contrary to what we expect again and again, the recycling bin does not empty itself daily.
- mike loves me, and has my back.  i love mike, and have his back.  so simple, but difficult to believe sometimes.

happy winter from the decarlos!  thanks for stopping by!

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