Monday, April 15, 2013

spring 2013

view of the monuments from gravelly point

spring!  we are so glad you are here.  i officially have my first sunburn of the season, so i think it's safe to say that winter is over.

what's new with us?  mike's applying to grad school, for a masters in applied economics!  he's been an absolute champ about studying for the GRE, which he'll take tomorrow afternoon.  while he would clearly be an asset to any masters program, the programs he is applying to are very competitive.  if he doesn't make it in, we'll be savoring our free time together even more, for having almost given it up.  and if he does.....hold on to your hats, because it will be a crazy ride!

my love, studying diligently.

we moved again, to a larger apartment within the same building (the new space is luxurious).  we've taken fewer trips in the past few months, but have had more home projects.  annnnd, we've become poser health-nuts!  ;-)  i'm doing the insanity work-out, and mike has started doing P90X again.  plus, we're into the world of smoothies.......and what a world it is, kids.

overall, we continue to be so blessed.  i'm not saying that there aren't disappointments and pain in between the highlights here....because, there have been.  the smiles don't capture it all.  but i can truly say that God was there in each of those low points....He keeps His promises.  it is an incredible honor to be one of His children.

lastly, a few pics from the last few weeks:
us in front of devils' den at gettysburg - my big smile is entirely due to mike holding me rather than the tragic story of that battle.

st. patty's day - green beer!!

cuddles during car ride home from king's dominion trip with andrew and suzanna.


  1. So I guess you made it through tax season! I miss you. We have to get together before I move.


  2. Enjoy the updates - it helps keep us "connected" in between visits. Praying for you both and love you both so much! - Mom & Pop