Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Vaca!

This week is Thanksgiving week and is full of excitement, adventures, and busy-ness for us! We are kind of doing and "interrupted" vacation this year with Kati's family! We were with them over the weekend (saturday afternoon to sunday evening), but had to return home to attend a few classes and put in a couple more days of work.

Today, while Kati is working, I am at school, adding an extra class to my monday in order to have less on tuesday, and then headed to frederick after for my one week eye check up! Then back down to bethesda to pick up my Kati!! But! Our busy monday is only just getting started then, cus we are headed out to arlington briefly before actually coming home and settling down for the evening.

Tuesday is looking less busy, but could potentially be some running around too! Both our cars needing oil changes, I am hoping I can drive them back and forth to get that done before picking Kati up again in the afternoon! Then our punctuated adventures resume somewhat as we gear up for the exciting tuesday night travels!! Eli Black offered to let us drive his sportscar back out to the vacation house, which is incredibly generous! If our chubby cooler fits we'll be picking that up and then driving it to UMBC for my tuesday night statistics course (it's a very stubborn course that wouldn't get cancelled unfortunately) and then from there (starting at 10pm) we'll hit the road again!!

All this waiting and being responsible is only fueling our excitement and anticipation of the rest fo the Thanksgiving week!! We will have good times with our beloved families eating delicious food and relaxing!! We are so excited!!

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