Thursday, January 12, 2012

a changed setting

date nights......what is it about changing a setting, that makes an entire evening more exciting?  mike and i can have an evening at home together, leisurely eating dinner, chilling over checkers or othello, reading, watching a show....our home nights are refreshing, but we don't usually anticipate these evenings the way we do date nights.  and we rarely have our really deep conversation on home nights.

but tonight!  is date night.  so what we were we doing this morning??  each putting on our current "favorite" outfits (and before you judge, admit that you have outfits you love to wear more than others!), putting extra care into hair, make-up.....and now we're at our respective jobs, squirreling away topics to talk about.  we're excited.  i keep thinking about mike, and looking forward to jumping in the car with him to go to dinner!

i don't know exactly what it is about a changed setting that makes such a huge difference.  but i'm so glad we're programmed that way!  thank you, Lord, for the little details you put into forming us, for the variety!

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