Tuesday, June 5, 2012


yesterday was our first anniversary - there is so much to say about our first year.....the sweet, gooey highs.....and the lows when life was gray and tired.

God has kept us; He has answered our prayers....again, and again, and again.  i love my mike, but not enough to treat him lovingly day after day.  he loves me, but the same is true. 

praise God for how He's held us together when our selfishness would have torn us apart; and praise Him for deepening our love and enjoyment of each other over the last year!  i cannot believe i get to be married to mike - he is so very right for me.

happy anniversary, my love!!  thank you for marrying me a year (and a day!) ago.  i am the luckiest, luckiest girl to be yours - you are my hero!!!

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