Thursday, June 21, 2012

a little thing

you know that expression, "it's the little things"?

i can't walk in a crowd to save my life.  you know that person who walks straight at you, no matter how hard you try to move out of their way.....sure you do - it's the same one who knocks your bag off your shoulder by turning too soon!  the person with the guilty, pained look on her face?  that's me.

since we moved to arlington, i've realized how completely dependent on mike i've become in this area.  he can navigate the trickiest crowd without so much as jostling someone - and when i'm with him, i have only to hold his hand and follow his lead.  he thinks it's exaggeration when i tell him how attractive a skill this is to me - live a day in with my dearth of skill, my lad, and you'll see i'm not stretching the truth here!

so today.  and yesterday.  and all prior days in june, may, april, and march - i am grateful for mike, and his crowd-navigating prowess.  and i am confident that i am not grateful alone, but that the metro commuters i now torture daily are grateful for the reprieve they have each time i travel with mike instead of by myself.


  1. Tell Mike I can vouch for this. I remember when you walked into the wall at home. I think your mom did the same thing. It's an inherited trait.--Mimi

  2. So very Kati, so loved by all of us, even if you are knocking us down as you try to navigate!!!!!