Wednesday, November 6, 2013


We bought a house! The past several months have been crazy for us - but the long and short is, we are now officially home owners! And we are incredibly happy to day that.....we love our little cottage. :-)

We got possession this past Friday night, and have been cranking out projects ever since. Refinishing the floors; digging up and re-mulching the front and side gardens; constructing a compost pile; touch up painting.....on and on.

Mike applying a coat of polyurethane to the floors.

Perhaps most exciting of all, though, was building railings for our back deck. Mike was the genius behind this, planning out ahead all the state requirements, geometry for the angles, cuts for the wood, on and on. Even I learned a bunch in how to construct a wood structure! It was a crazy ride, and we were so when it was done.

"Before" face

Before, facing deck

Before, from the side

Getting the posts up

The posts took a while....

And them I started helping, and we skipped ahead without pics - missing some of the slats and the railing here

It's done!!!

And by "done", I obviously mean except for the paint job. ;-) I'll post a pic of the true "after" once that's done.

We're tired, and very grateful!

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