Sunday, December 1, 2013

Laundry Room Remodel

In the continuing saga of bettering our little cottage, we have begun work on our laundry room.  Our whole house is small (welcome to NOVA!), but the laundry room takes "small" to a whole new level - if one of us is standing in the room, then the other cannot walk through to get outside.  Yikes!  However, when you haven't had a waster/dryer in your home for a few years, even a squishy space seems like a dream come true.

We're in the process of replacing our water heater, going from a 30 gallon to a tankless (reclaiming that room, one square inch at a time!).  The first step was to remove the sink in the corner....follow along as Mike demolishes this relic (originally installed 1949):

After the first (very loud) hit.

He's so happy to be using his 10-lb sledgehammer on something.  :-)

Making some damage.

First of four sides gone.

 Annnd, second of four...


Flat bottom.

Suddenly we can see the skeleton!

 ....see it clearly!

It's gone!

 The remnants, piled up outside.

The most amazing thing about this demolition was that Mike did it all in the time it took me to clean up from dinner and prep tomorrow's smoothies and coffees - VERY impressive, babe!

Stay tuned for the next pieces of this mini remodel - removing the old water heater and converting / installing the new tankless one.  Get excited!  ;-)


  1. very exciting!! I feel like I am watching one of the home improvement shows!

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