Thursday, August 11, 2011

entering the deal-finding world

it is probably already obvious from this blog - i'm interested in all things money-saving these days!  our "wants" list is relatively short - owning a house, going on vacations together, having babies (though this week, i've started to propose to mike that we dote on our nieces/nephews forever and just travel the world!!!) - but adds up to thousands of dollars.  so our "savings" list is constantly being added to.

and may i say, it's a tricky business!  because as i look for ways to save us money, i also get convinced that we need this, or should do that.  admittedly, i'm a marketers dream - you show me a picture and write a description with exclamation points, and i'm sold!  there's a reason mike and i do all our shopping together!

but apart from that, i am finding that there are soooooooo many good deals out there, and trying to learn the art of saying no to a gorgeous deal if it isn't one that i'd originally set out to find.  any tips??

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