Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the first day, of the last days

i'm just being theatrical with that title! IS important - it's the first day of mike's last semester.

i'm so very proud of him, and just think he's amazing in how he's persevered through changing majors and dreams, "incomplete" advice from his adviser, and the days and days and days of mundane work to finish each class.

i love you so much, baby!!!!  i praise God for letting you get here, and honor you for your hard work!!  here's to the beginning of your last school chapter.....i'm so excited for you.


  1. What kindness & mercy of God that David would be working at Booz, keep an ear open for you to get your Internship and do so well. He has given you a great mind to understand and retain information and be able to use it in an environment you enjoy-God has been SO GOOD to you! One semester to go-give it your all. SO proud of you!!!-Mom & Dad