Sunday, September 4, 2011


So today is mine and Kati's three month anniversary of being married so we went adventuring! Our adventures took us to Northern Virginia to a vineyard called Paradise Springs where we had a tasting of their wines and got to gaze into each other's eyed! It was fantastic and I'm so happy to be in love with my wife!!

Along the way we nearly ended this guy's (or girl's cus we don't know its gender) life! *picture of Living Dead. Beacuse of its red eyes and the fact that it nearly was road kill we thought the name is fitting. We picked it up and decided Living was now our responsibility to care for.

Needing a habitat for Living we needed to make a trip to petsmart. Now, I had long ago promised Kati that we could own a pet fish! Without a doubt she remebered this promised and feeling guilty about it we also brought home this guy! *picture of Napalm. Because of his fiery color (the reason we liked him to begin) we named him Napalm! He had to have an eccentric name just like Living!

We brought them both home and are letting them get acclimated! Next we are off to Mogolian BBQ for dinner! We love adventures!!

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