Monday, September 19, 2011

jackie's surprise party!

we threw a surprise party for jackie this past saturday at muv and dad's house - it was a blast!  in spite of me emailing the evite to jackie on thursday (i know, who does that???  thankfully, she didn't open the link!), she was surprised!

i took some pics of the party, but my phone ate them.  :-(  i'm especially sorry for this because they were shots of jackie with her favorite little guys (tyler, jack, and dylan!) who she babysits for, crowded around her as she open the gift from their family.....a redskins jersey!!!  and then the skins won yesterday, by the skin of their teeth - coincidence? i think not.

this pic is not from this weekend, or even this summer, but still a good one......happy birthday, jackie!!!!  you're an amazing blessing to those around you - i hope that this weekend reflected some of our gratefulness for you!!

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