Thursday, September 29, 2011

Date Nights

This week I got the unusual sweetness of having 2 date nights with my Kati! This is especially wonderful this semester for us because, two night of the week I can't even be home with her since I have 2 evening classes that are required in order to graduate in December. While it is tough, a situation like this highlights the time we do get together and makes us both really hold onto the enjoyment of date nights!

So, back to the origin of this post, we got to have 2 date nights this week because it was the last Wednesday of the month last night, when most Wednesdays we would have church small group, this last Wednesday is free!!

But let me back up a little bit! The first date night was Monday night! We agreed, since TV shows can be somewhat of a vice for me to watch episode after episode in succession, to cut out TV shows from our Monday night dates!! This turned out to be a most fantastic idea!! Kati made an amazing dinner using steaks we had been saving, mushrooms in a soy sauce based sauce, and risotto!! It was delicious and paired really well with some red wine! After that we hung out and chatted and told each other our thoughts and perspectives, which is always enjoyable! We ended the night starting a game of Scrabble, which is a different activity and an opportunity to be sweetly competitive and yet build each other up!! We both really had a great time!! Date number 1!!

Coming away from that experience, Tuesday and Wednesday days were spent anticipating our second date night of the week!! We had several plans of what we wanted and needed to do with our evening!! Finally, when the time came to pick Kati up from work we were just so full of excitement to get more time together!! We got home and Kati started making dinner - I pitched in by chopping things with a very big, very sharp knife (fun!)!!! She made oven "fried" chicken and it turned out so perfectly crispy and delicious!! We had sweet potatoes lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, oil and Kati's personal touch of cinnamon which makes the dish, and some crispy green beans with onions and butter!! We paired a white wine with this meal and it was complete!! It was wonderful!!! We ate on the balcony and just enjoyed one of the last warm evenings together!! The next part of date night was Kati giving me a much needed hair cut!! This was her first time cutting my hair so we were both holding our breath a little...she did an AMAZING job!!! It was a really sweet thing for her to cut my hair and soon after we realized it was storming outside so we went to sit on the balcony again and just enjoy the sounds of the rain and thunder!! It was a most delightful second date night!!!!

We both are heading toward this weekend feeling so refreshed and grateful for each other and thankful to God for bringing us together and allowing us the specific pleasure of having two date nights this week!! :D

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