Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy 40th Anniversary to Mom and Pop!!!

mom and pop celebrated their 40th anniversary august 7th!!!!

any "deep" relationship takes work (duh, kati).  friendships, family.....we're familiar with the "get back up again" phase that comes when the rougher seasons hit.  and marriage - the closest of relationships, which the Bible defines as becoming one flesh - i'm just a marriage-rookie, so i don't want to sound presumptuous, or knowledgeable.......but i know my relationship with mike is already the hardest and most rewarding i've ever known.

and so, to see a couple that we respect mark their 40th anniversary is such happiness!!!!  we feel respect for the marriages around us that persevere, and pursue being in love with each other - we aim to do the same, and watching you gives us hope and excitement to follow you!

so we wish mom and pop a happy 40th anniversary!!!  it is such a huge marker, and testimony to God's grace, and an example to this baby marriage that's watching - thank you for loving each other, and for the mentoring you've already given to us!

a picture from the decarlo family brunch this past saturday, to celebrate mom and pop's anniversary, of some of the cousins:

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