Thursday, December 1, 2011

fake or real??

that's the question for a new household, as we intently discuss the christmas traditions that we can even now form......mike and i shared with each other the sweet traditions we each had growing up, and tucked away ideas for the munchkins we'll (hopefully) one day have. 

but from this discussion, an important question we get a fake christmas tree - so much easier and economical - or do we go for a real one?  my family for years would drive to a tree farm (stopping at a 7-11 along the way for the necessary hot chocolate), to cut down our own my desire for a real tree was strong. 

but.........practicality is stronger when you're the "adults" in the family.  the discussion went back and forth (with the idea of a pine-scented febreeze plug-in being added as an accessory to the fake-tree idea) until last week when i saw trees at costco.  i ran over to sniff them and beckoned to mike to take a whiff - apparently, making such a commotion that a friendly costco employee came over to offer to help us.  he seemed to feel even more strongly than i did that we should get a real tree!

so my sweet husband said that we could get a wee little "real" tree this year - we're not officially a "real" tree family yet, but i can't wait to have our apartment smelling christmas'y!!!  here it is:

just kidding!  ;-)  i'll post a real picture once we get our tree - i'm hoping to get the fattest little guy they have!!!!  i love fat trees.


  1. You two are just too funny! For years the DeCarlos also went to tree farms and cut our own until, finally, we decided it wasn't worth all the effort and bought our fake tree. It's great to be able to put it up and decorate, our fake tree without regard to the weather. The wonderful smell of a real tree seemed to only last a day or two anyway - or I just didn't have a good nose!! - Mom

  2. Our first tree was from a place like Lowes. It was really a little pine bush in a container of dirt.

    We (I guess just Muv) made bread dough ornaments bc money was tight.

    Happily, you all can have some of ours, if you want. Guess you can come by next year.