Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beach trip, anyone??

full weekend - seems to be the only kind we know!  mike and i were joking yesterday about needing more holiday weekends......ones that we didn't know about ahead of time, so that we couldn't fill them!  ;-)  

started off the weekend going to suzanna for a hair-cut, as mike mentioned in a previous post!  i LOOOOVE it.....especially since mike loves it so much!!!  i love being beautiful to him. 

we had our annual beach trip with my siblings (which includes jaime) to OC!  we dove into devouring crabs, and practiced our miniature golf scores.....loved it!  the only downside was that we went on sunday this year, due to scheduling conflicts, so it felt like we'd barely gotten down there before we had to come back again.  one of the sweetest parts of the trip was having eli there - he's out of town almost all of july, so we're savoring all the time we get with him!


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