Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend Fun!

A nice long weekend to celebrate the fourth!

We hit things off seeing Transforms: Dark of the Moon friday night with the Blacks and Co! Then, Saturday morning errands and brunch with Mug, Dad, Eli, Jackie, Jaime, and Peter before heading off to see Mom and Pop DeCarlo!! A quick stop to see our friends at Ada's bbq hangout was also long overdue!

Sunday was amazing as well! And thus the pictures...all for Sunday! We went to see Mama Mia at Wolftrap!! We took a picnic in our picnic basket - fruit, cheese, salami, wine, crackers, olives, carrots, and celery! It was more like a feast!! It was a blast!! Then we came home and "grilled" a couple of juicy steaks...we would have actually grilled them on a grill but a thunder storm rolled in just as we were getting ready to light the coals! Spent the evening in, grilling the steaks on the stove top and watching a movie!!

This morning we got up early early and revisited one of our all time favorite sights in DC, the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial. This is where I had proposed to Kati and we went back for a sunrise breakfast to reminisce!!

More to come this evening!!!


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