Monday, July 11, 2011

snooze buttons.....

......are full of lies.  they tell you that if you hit them once more, those extra 9 minutes will make you content and happy to start your day.  instead, those 9 minutes leave you to once more jolt awake, and propel across to the room to once more silence that wretched sound.  "eh eh eh eh EH EH EH EH"  and to once more, fantasize about the contentment and happiness that surely await you on the other side of one....more.....snooze.....

happy monday, munchkins!  here's to coffee, and my wonderful husband, who is sweet and kind to me on these "snooze heavy" mornings.  and here's to sweet times of worship yesterday, fresh remembrance of what this life, my life, is truly about.


  1. You know it's funny, when I was reading this I was remembering back to my newly-wed days (almost 5 years ago :)) and that is when I fell into a love/hate relationship with my snooze button! But alas, then young children come along and they don't have a snooze button...and that nips that problem in the bud right off the bat :) And you know what, I don't miss that snooze button at all...but I do miss those newlywed days!

  2. awww! i can see where kids would be easier to wake up to/for than a snooze button - they're much more dear!!! :-)