Tuesday, July 5, 2011

because it's hard to come back to work after a holiday.....

......and because my chill sister jackie endorsed sharing these moments:

i realized i may have an inner "michael scott" today while i was heating up my canned soup.  first, i noticed that the can proclaimed my soup would be "Zesty!" in spite of being light.  and then when i hopefully poured it into my bowl, i noticed the different layers oozing into my bowl since the soup had separated while waiting to be opened.....the oily looking part at the top, with the sludgy meat and rice at the bottom.  and i suddenly had a strong inclination to rush back here and deep and poetic thoughts, based on my soup!!

such life lessons included the realization that we are all different layers, and just need the microwave of life to mix us together into goodtimes.  (note here, my soup is NOT goodtimes, but it sounds smoother than saying "mediocre times".)  also, for the philosopher, these separated layers show how the wise and substantial people can reject the shallow ones, but that they shouldn't because the shallow people may provide the most flavor!

i know.  awful thoughts.  how do you deal with returning to reality after a long, gorgeous, restful weekend??

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