Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Circle Reminiscing!

I went out last night with three of my absolute favorites, especially when grouped together like this!  Jackie (my sister), Bethany, and Tony.....the four of us were inseparable for several years back in college and after.  We'd wanted to get together one last time before the wedding - and in the future, have an extra chair at the table for Mike!!  He will be a fun and welcome addition, and a support to Tony when we girls gang up on him. :-)

Beth, contemplating the many options....and avoiding looking at the camera being waved in her face:

 Jackie, narrowing her eyes at something Tony said:

My pictures of Tony didn't come out because of the light behind him.....I'll have to keep working on those types of shots!  But here's one of all three - love and enjoy them so, so much!!!

And one of me, quickly hiding my face after my camera was rudely confiscated.

As a count down update, we are down to 3 DAYS!!!!!!  It is also my last day here in the office before the wedding, as I'm taking off Thursday and Friday.  Unsurprisingly, I was ready to leave before even getting out of the car this morning!  Just a little longer... ;-)

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