Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

we got to hang out with chris and reka wednesday, and have jackie and jaime over for dinner last pics, sorry!!  our goal has always been not to fall off the face of the earth once we were married - not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that, but we're just so blessed with such amazing friends that we didn't want to squander months of getting time with them.  :-D

one of the things i've been chewing on a lot is the idea of loving the Giver rather than the gifts i receive.  it's a simple concept, but one that i fail at so often.  in this season especially, there is so much laughter and happiness and blessing - we're FINALLY married, with so many fun and faithful friends and family, and even material blessing (i sometimes can't believe our apartment is truly ours, and that i'm not just borrowing someone else's space!).  it is a sweet and happy time, and we are being so refreshed by it!

and yet, this is all from God's hands - a little kid who receives gifts for Christmas and scampers off to play with them without saying thankful could rightfully be described as a spoiled brat.  it is my constant prayer that i not be this way towards my God - and more!!! that i not lose sight of the gift of the Cross while i enjoy these other gifts.

happy friday, all!!  thanks for reading my mutterings! ;-)

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  1. I enjoy and am inspired by your "mutterings". I also need to be consistently reminded that what I have has been given to me by my very generous God and Redeemer! I heartily "amen" your prayers and desires to be more aware of the Giver than the gifts, and make those prayers my own, as well!! - Mom