Monday, June 20, 2011


Ahhh, and Young Person Happy Hour - Friday night!  Mike, my siblings, Jaime, and our friends Sue and Ben, met up in McLean for HH......Mike, Peter, Sue, and Ben work in McLean, Jackie and Jaime live in McLean, and Eli is a sweetheart and will drive to be with his family!  Jaime and I had some adventures getting out there, but it turned out ok......some shots!

Jackie and Jaime - posts without pictures of at least one of them don't feel like legit posts!

Eli and Sue, after Eli finally waded through DC's nasty rush-hour adventures.

Peter and Ben were mildly hostile to having their picture taken, so thankfully Mike just kept clicking til they looked away....

Another Jackie and Jaime - how could I stop at just one???  <3

And my Love!!  I can't believe how much more I loved him the instant we were married - I'm so very happy he's mine!!

And then Bethany came at the end - it was nice to get to see her for at least a little bit!!  More and more pics and posts later - it was a busy weekend!!!

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