Friday, June 17, 2011

Zoo Adventures

One of our favorite places to go in DC is the National Zoo.  We've probably been 3-4 times......we don't hit the whole place each time, but concentrate on one or two areas.  We went two weeks ago and finally got to see the "big cats" - lions and a tiger!  Loved are some pics:

Baby lions, being cool and avoiding the grown-ups.

Mama lion coming to investigate.

Solo tiger.....the exhibits were talking about how if tigers go extinct, the prey animals will eat all the vegetation and mess up the system the tigers live in.....interesting stuff!

Ant-eater chilling in the was pretty humid, so I don't blame him!

Prairie dogs!!  I could have sworn I got a picture with one of the little guys peeping out, but clearly not.  :-p

TERPS!  Our favorite exhibit is always the Reptile House.....and what an adorable friend guarding the entryway!  We almost always hit up the Reptile House during a visit to the Zoo, regardless of what else we see.


How cool is HE?  Multicolored skin, spikes....this guy's got it all.

Happy family.

He's my absolute favorite.  I'm often impatient to get to him - he's more than halfway through the Reptile House.  And once we get to him, I coo at him and beg Mike to get me one someday.  Isn't he fabulous??

Mike's favorite!  He's such a king!  This is the Komodo Dragon.  Last time we saw him, he was chilling in the dark, so it was lovely of him to give us such a good view of his regalness.

Some pictures of us at the zoo, too, in case you prefer humans to animals. ;-)

Mike took me to dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill in DC - WONDERFUL.

I got the salmon, and probably would have eaten every little bit if I hadn't been so distracted sitting across from the most handsome man I've ever seen.  It's ok - I didn't need the extra calories anyway! ;-)

Mike got the flounder, both of our first times tasting that fish.  It was great!!  They prepared it so well - he DID finish all of his, and we vowed to come back soon.

Happy Friday, all!  If you have plans to, may you enjoy celebrating your father!  And may we each revel in the amazing truth that we may call the Creator of the universe our Father, as well.  

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