Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day, and New Home!

Last weekend post!  We celebrated Father's Day with my dad Saturday night, and Sunday with Pop.  So far, Mike and I have had a pretty easy time juggling the holidays - things fall into place without a lot of manipulation.  We know this won't last forever, and have been enjoying each time that we don't have to "choose" between the families, or just straight-up miss something!  My family went to the US Open on Sunday (I went one year, but can't even fake being a golf fan, so not again!), so Father's Day was no exception.

The only pictures I have from Saturday night - Muv brought candy up to spoil everyone while we were hanging out, and my Dearest was multi-tasking it with the Reeses Cup and peanut M&M's.  His sugar overload filled me with affection for him, so a picture was necessary:

I've found that the nieces and nephews are much more open to candid shots than the adults - can't blame the adults!  Here's the munchkins, pre-hot-dog-devouring!  

And this one is really precious - the DeCarlo men!  I can't remember who suggested shooting one of just them, but so glad they did.  And the guys were patient to sit through probably 5-6 shots from the different cameras and cell-phones!

And now, the apartment!  We've been working hard since March to add to the apartment, and clean/organize it!  There is still much work to be done (both the last two weekends have included trips to Home Depot!), but I thought I'd start celebrating the parts that are "done" by posting pics as we go.  :-)

Our book corner, right inside the door:

Our dining room, shot 1:

And again, trying to capture more of the room:

And our view from the dining room - this view is 10x better with leaves on the trees!  And Mike's shirts, since weekends now = laundry loads.  For those that know me well, this is a dramatic change from my single days - I used to dread laundry!!  But staying on top of it does make it a much less painful task.

Such an active and busy weekend - we were sleepy kids by the time we got home from church last night!  But loving this season, and trying to remember to thank God for the sweet things that are "normal" right now.  Seasons come and go, and I want to savor this one!!

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