Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Pt. 1 - Freezer, plants, and food!

Happy Monday!  It's a rainy one here.....but my heart is so full of thankfulness!  We had a busy Mike mentioned, there was need for caffeine (thankfully in the form of espressos!) to keep us going!

I've been chewing through going my approach to our food.  Mike and I are blessed to not really have allergies to food, so the necessity of eating organically isn't there.  And let's face it - I'm not an organic type girl, at all!  But, food is expensive, and growing some of our stuff, or buying fresh beef in bulk can help us to cut costs while still eating well.

So this weekend, we bought a large freezer chest - fattest little guy!  Obviously, I found one of Craig's List, so we had a bit of an adventure strapping it into Mike's car, and getting it home.....but it's safely in our kitchen now!  We plan to buy a quarter of a cow, which we're both so excited about - we love beef, and it will be grand to have it regularly without needing cut the budget elsewhere!  And our new freezer will be helpful with storing all that meat.

We also bought a tomato plant and several herbs (cilantro, basil, rosemary, chive onions, and one that we can never remember....) because I've been horrified with how much fresh veggies cost, and decided to start baby steps towards someday growing our own - this summer will a be a test run garden, and hopefully I'll learn from our mistakes and be able to expand next year.  Some pics!

Tomato plant:


More pics and stories later!  It was a full and sweet weekend - we loved the time with our fathers, celebrating them and their care and service to our families!!!

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