Monday, June 13, 2011

Pre and Post Wedding Craziness

I can't believe it's past!!!!  All the work, planning, countless lists and thoughts......and our wedding is past.  While there were many aspects that were enjoyable, I'm so relieved and glad to be married to my beloved Mike, and done with engagement and wedding planning!  Here are some pics of the last days before our wedding.....

 Mike and I running some last minute errands....this was the happy shot outside of the dress alterations place - happy because picking up the dress was one of the last "major" items on our to-do list!

 On our way to the wedding rehearsal, our wonderful, wonderful friend Jess is cosily ensconced between Jackie and Jaime.....Jess was truly a God send.  I brought out my many lists and organized bags when she first arrived, and apologetically explained I was type-A, and that my wedding seemed to have strengthened my OCD which she uttered the magic words that she was type-A, too, and adored lists!  It was love at first sight.

Mike, driving us over to the rehearsal dinner, looking debonair!

Self-portrait of me during the same car very, very happy......I couldn't believe we were actually, FINALLY, rehearsing our was finally, finally here!!!

The following pics from our rehearsal dinner are regrettably sparse.......I didn't get the chance to take any until the very end.  But, I'll share the ones I have!

My dear, dear friend Janet and I at our rehearsal dinner.....she has been one of my most trusted and beloved mentors and friends.  She and her husband Seth have been with Mike and I from the beginning of our "friendship" and anything either of us would say about growth or strengthening in our relationship almost always includes them.  

Us with both Seth and Jan - Seth served as one of Mike's groomsmen, and it was such sweetness to have them be there with us.  All the talks, tears, and scriptures shared.....and here we were!

Chris and Reka!!!!!  Our best friends......we had some other shots with them, more sober and staged.....but this one captures us so much better!  Chris was also one of Mike's groomsmen, and I just don't think the marriage would have been legal if they hadn't been there with us!!

Chris and Reka, at last meeting Jackie......Chris had said for months that Jackie didn't exist and even when talking with her on the phone, he would say it was just me pretending to have a sister (since our voices sound so similar)......unsurprisingly, the three hit it off immediately!

WEDDING DAY!  I know I'm skipping, but I'm sure you'll understand that my hands were busy with things other than my camera for most of the time between the above shot and this one.  Here are my gorgeous bridesmaids, humoring me with a shot as we waited at the chapel.

Skipping again.....MARRIED!  Mike took me to Anna Marie Island in Florida, by Sarasota.....beautiful, beautiful.  Here's a shot from the front door our room:

As mentioned in a previous post, our honeymoon included a stop to the grocery store to stock up on meds......we both got sick pretty quickly into the honeymoon, and still haven't quite shaken the sniffles off.  While I wouldn't have preferred to be sick that whole week, God used the enforced slow pace to more deeply relax us......I don't think I would have known how to slow my pace apart from being sick!  

Random snapshot of us.....

That's all for now!  Will post some pics from our trip to the National Zoo on Saturday later this week.  All in all, it was an amazing wedding, and wonderful honeymoon - I was overwhelmed by the love and care of our family and friends, and am already missing Mike after being in the office for just a few hours.  One blessed girl right here!

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